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Five Lines, Little Space (Drum-set)

Five Lines, Little Space (Drum-set)

Five Lines, Little Space is full-length drum-set solo divided into five distinct sections that each explore a different theme or groove. The sections focus on developing comfort with a style, technique, or idea, with less and less space in between them.


The sections are as follows:

1. All Lined Up! This section is in the style of a jazz swing. The section title is earned by the presence of a variety of combinations of limbs being lined up, from all four at once, just the right side, just the left side, just the hands, just the pedals, or a combination of three limbs. The goal is for students to have confidence in their coordination, and for advanced players to move fluidly while maintaining ease and power.


2. New Orleans 2nd Line. This section teaches the style of the New Orleans 2nd Line, a somewhat lesser known style with swung sixteenth notes. This section was obviously a central point in the conception of the entire piece because of its name, and it fits perfectly into the pacing of the whole work. The variations throughout the section keep things interesting while simultaneously showing off a variety of conventions found within the style, keeping it mostly authentic and still fitting for the solo. 


3. Sky Lines. The central idea for this part was to embrace space inside linear figures. The quarter note triplet tom figure is interrupted by more active runs down the toms and around the rest of the kit in a loosely linear fashion. This section is an opportunity for the performer to demonstrate control over dynamics and timing, making the difficult interplay between ideas clear and meaningful, but as open and mysterious as the endless void of sky.


4. Linear Funk. This section delves into intricate linear ideas, utilizing 7/8 and 7/16 time signatures that require intense focus and precision to execute effectively. The accents and variations in this section provide a tremendous amount of detail for the performer, but are incredibly satisfying to learn and listen to as a result. The final push in this section is a demonstration of strength and dexterity around the toms, leading into the final part of the solo.


5. End of the Line. This final section presents a pure 6/8 groove, a much needed palette cleanser from the other sections' linear ideas, and it's marked at an unapologetic fortissimmo dynamic with half-open hi-hat. The final page of the solo is a brief return to small fragments of the previous parts, first with the linear groove ideas, and then a barrage of fills from each section before naturally accelerating to the finish!


Difficulty: Advanced


Length: 6 min.+


Send me an email if you have any questions:

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