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2 Beat Trek (Drum-set)

2 Beat Trek (Drum-set)

The "Head Start" Collection consists of 9 easy drum-set solos written for beginning students. Each of the solos is about a page long and introduces a few new concepts in each.


Check out the "Drum-Set" page on the website to find the full book, which includes detailed descriptions of each solo, a "Teachers and Students" section tailored towards using the solos in a lesson context, a notation legend, musical glossary, and style example guide. The total cost of the book is less than purchasing each of the solos individually as well!


The "Head Start" Collection includes:

2 Beat Trek

There's a Cat in My Boot!

Low and Slow

Joy Ride

1, 2, 4...4!

Hit Open. Hit Closed. Case Closed.

The Former and the Ladder

Gopher Launch

Alternating Current


From this solo's program notes:

An introduction to the 2 beat pattern, and a very simple introduction of independence around the drums as well, from single drums to snare and kick together, and finally snare, kick,

and hi-hat all together.


New skills include:

Reading quarter notes and eighth notes. Identifying kick drum, snare drum, high and low toms, and hi-hat. Playing forte, piano, and accents. Recognizing eight bar sections.


Difficulty: Grade 1


Length: 1 minute


Please send me an email if you have any questions or would like to request more information:

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