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A Head Start: Method and Solos for the Beginning Drummer

A Head Start: Method and Solos for the Beginning Drummer

The "Head Start" Collection consists of 9 drum-set solos written for beginning students. Each of the solos is about a page long and introduces a few new concepts in each.


The book includes detailed descriptions of each solo, a "Teachers and Students" section tailored towards using the solos in a lesson context, a notation legend, musical glossary, and style example guide. The total cost of the book is less than purchasing each of the solos individually as well!


The "Head Start" Collection includes:

2 Beat Trek

There's a Cat in My Boot!

Low and Slow

Joy Ride

1, 2, 4...4!

Hit Open. Hit Closed. Case Closed.

The Former and the Ladder

Gopher Launch

Alternating Current


This book is the result of over 7 years of teaching students drum-set specifically, and it addresses all of the major pitfalls beginning students may come across when they first start lessons. My goal in writing this is for ANYONE to be able to pick up the book and have all the resources they need to learn basic drum-set playing. Whether you are a teacher or a student, there is more than enough content in this nearly 50-page book to give students a fundamental understanding of the basics of playing the drum-set, and get them ready to take on more!


Difficulty: Grade 1-2


Length: 40+ pages of instructional material and solos. 9 solos, roughly a minute or longer.


Please send me an email if you have any questions or would like to request more information:

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