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Causal Grooves

Causal Grooves

Causal Grooves is a work for solo multi-percussionist. It explores various grooves in a polyrhythmic, driving manner. The piece is an outpouring of creativity, exploring and expanding upon grooves that come back to me in improvisation time and time again. This multi-percussion showstopper is perfect for a student or professional recital!

Setup includes five individual crotales (pitched D6, F6, A6, C7, E7) and a single timpano (tuned to A2). The crotales will be played both flat-side down on the timpano head in a "plunky" manner as well as suspended into the air, demonstrating their true brilliance as a stark, captivating contrast. Once suspended, the timpano will also showcase its warmth and resonance.

Length: 5 minutes


Difficulty: College or Professional

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