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Disconnect I & II (Piano)

Disconnect I & II (Piano)

Both Disconnect I and II together in 1 score. Purchase both here and save!


Disconnect is about the psychological concept of cognitive dissonance. This is the thought that one can believe one way, but act another, in short. The "disconnect" in the music is between the flowing, meandering melodies and the steadily moving accompaniment. Play the runs with a flourish to create a significant contrast from the consistent pulse of the preceding music. The tempo marking is merely a suggestion, and the piece works well at tempo as well as both slightly slower or faster. 


Disconnect II is once again based off of the psycological concept of cognitive dissonance. While Disconnect is very tonal and traditional, Disconnect II is the complete opposite. While the music itself is perhaps more technically advanced, it makes for a more obvious realization of this "opposites" theme. The player must master hand independence in order to properly observe the opposing dynamics and articulations. While challenging, the piece is fairly short, so it is a wonderful introduction to twenty-first century piano writing for developing intermediate to advanced pianists, without too large of a time commitment.


Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced


Length: 5 minutes


Please send me an email if you have any questions or to request more information:

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