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Gently, Angrily

Gently, Angrily

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"Gently, Angrily" is a beginning four-mallet marimba solo that focuses on the mandolin roll. This is a technique I struggled with in high school, playing a much less approachable piece. The simple accompanying melody in the opposite hand makes the technique much easier to master and makes for an alluring drone texture. 


The "Angrily" section features full-volume quadruple stops, moving without interval changes to give a powerful texture that contrasts with the gentle beginning.


This piece can be played on either a 5-octave or 4.3 marimba, simply transpose the notes an octave higher for the latter.


Difficulty: Beginner


Length: 2.5 minutes


Please send me an email if you have any questions or would like to request additional information:

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