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Initial Impressions: CP

Initial Impressions: CP

For Vibraphone, Cello, and Double Bass.


Program Notes: "Initial Impressions" is a project dedicated to individuals who have influenced my career as a musician. Each piece is represented by these individuals' initials.


This piece, "CP," is for a friend of mine from college, who's quick wit, management skills, and raw, undeniable passion inspired me throughout my undergraduate studies and beyond.


The piece is representative of both him and his compositional sensibilities. It's righteous, unapologetic, and in-your-face, while simultaneously musical, emotional, and full of depth. My own ideas are still present, of course, but I did my best to emulate the energy I feel with his works and performances. The "tightness" of the performances are a testament to diligence in leading rehearsal and a refined approach to super-charged rhythmic syncopation.

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