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Lakeside Walk

Lakeside Walk

Program Notes: This piece is inspired by a ten-mile walk I took with my wife around Lake Hefner when we first started dating. The piece is about the journey of our first trek around the whole lake, taking in all the sights and sounds as we walked. The gentle lapping of the water, the other pedestrians' various conversations, spokes buzzing as bikers passed by, the chirping of birds, runners struggling and pounding the pavement, and of course, the sound of our steps as we walked together are all found in the piece. Since the lake is more-or-less circular, the formal structure follows a similar pattern, with the climax of the piece occuring when the path draws closest to the water, but high above it, allowing us to see the lake in all its beauty and power. After that moment, we could not help but feel the toll of the hike itself as we made our way back to the car, so the ending is meant to feel admittedly weary and a bit disoriented, but resolute and satisfied, and should be performed with as much intent as the rest of the piece.


Difficulty: Professional


Length: 7 minutes

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