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Mallet Flavors (Marimba)

Mallet Flavors (Marimba)

Mallet Flavors is a short, technical work for solo marimba. The piece explores a wide variety of marimba sounds, through different stroke heights, speeds, types, and playing areas. The player is challenged with maintaining smooth rolls while observing the nuances in the stroke types. In the middle section, one must have the dexterity to portray a driving character, moving quickly about in a groovy and interesting way. While the piece is full of content that pushes the development of the most advanced players, it is certainly playable by a marimbist as young as a senior in high school. The difficulty lies in the details and carefully developing each of the "flavors."


Difficulty: Late High School-Professional


Length: 4 minutes


Please send me an email if you have any questions or would like to request additional information:

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