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Music For The Hottest Day of the Year Yet

Music For The Hottest Day of the Year Yet

Program Notes: July 19th, 2022, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The time was 3:15 PM and the temperature outside was 111 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect weather to write a piece in an air conditioned room. The majority of the material was written that afternoon, with edits throughout the rest of the scorching summer.


This piece is a reminder of the weight heat possesses, raw power seemingly stuck in the air and in the environment. The static, heavy beginning becomes quicker over time, with each section driving the piece forward with greater intensity.


This piece is written for two 5-octave marimbas. Alternatively, it can be played with a 4.3-octave marimba (Mar. 1) and a 5-octave.


Difficulty: College


Length: 4 minutes

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