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Persist (Bb Clarinet and Tenor Steel Pan)

Persist (Bb Clarinet and Tenor Steel Pan)

Persist was written for and premiered by the world-class group Duo Rodinia, comprised of Dr. Lisa Kachouee (clarinet) and Jamie Wind Whitmarsh (percussion). 


The piece is written for Bb Bass Clarinet and Tenor Steel Pan. The pan takes on an accompanimental role in the bulk of the piece with arpeggiated chords that lay incredibly well on the pan, and gentle swells in dynamics to support the bass clarinet's winding melodies. The piece is self-explanatory programatically. It is about persistence in the face of adversity. The bass clarinet navigates smoothly through the relentless, driving current of the tenor pan, and though the two play together at the climax of the piece, the bass clarinet sinks back into the background and the pan closes the piece as it started. 


Difficulty: College-Professional


Length: 3 minutes 30 seconds


Please send me an email if you have any questions or to request additional information:

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