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Provision (Harp and Tenor Pan)

Provision (Harp and Tenor Pan)

Provision is a duet for pedal harp and tenor steel drum. The piece is inspired by God's provision for my wife and I, always taking care of us in times of need.

The steel pan is representative of us. Searching, filled with doubt and anxiety about the future, and jumping to conclusions. The harp is representative of God's provision. The pan learns to listen, emulate, and look more like the harp's material more and more over time, ultimately finding peace and assurance. The difficult situations never leave, but neither does hope. 

God has provided for our physical, financial, and emotional needs, to be sure, but he also provided His Son as Savior and Counselor to us in every moment of every day. This is provision beyond words, beyond comprehension, and well beyond what this piece can say. 

I truly hope you enjoy this piece and give glory back to God for his provision.


Length: 5 minutes

Difficulty: College

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